Spirulina is an alkaline product and as such goes well with various types of diets, including Detox. It is also indicated in vegetarian and vegan diets for its high protein content.

Taken every day, Spirulina supplements our diet by enriching it with those nutrients that we often do not take in an adequate and correct way. We at Spirulina Farm have followed our Spirulina since its genesis, accompanying it in its growth, to then collect it and provide you with a pure product in all its genuineness.

At our company you can find it in the forms that keep intact its integrity and properties: Dried, alive and in tablets.


The spirulina, once collected, is pressed and then dried. Subsequently it is drawn on looms assuming, then, our typical 'spaghettino' shape.

It is dehydrated below 45 degrees to keep intact all the properties that would be lost with high temperatures.

If stored in a cool, dry and dark place, it can last for several years. The spaghetti shape ensures that it is only and exclusively spirulina.


This product can only be purchased by reservation and at our farm. After harvesting, Spirulina is still alive and comes in the form of 'green jam' with a creamy density. This live pasta is one of the most nutrient-rich superfoods on the planet. Rich in properties, it manifests its benefits from the first intake, giving energy to the mind and body.

Kept in the freezer, it should be consumed within a month.


Our tablets are 0.5 gr and are composed of 99% pure spirulina and 1% magnesium sulphate. This format will allow you to take spirulina quickly and comfortably, wherever you are.


It is recommended to take it in the morning, given its high energy potential.

You can add it to yogurt / kefir or take a handful raw to swallow it as it is, don't worry our Spirulina is good as a snack! Alternatively you can combine it with different recipes, better if cold because with high temperatures you risk losing the properties of the product.


Being a pure product with a strong efficacy, we recommend starting with a small dose, a teaspoon will be fine (about 1.5 g). After a week you can switch to the recommended dose, equal to a soup spoon (about 3g). Once you feel good there will be no limit to the amount to be taken. Your metabolism will thank you!

We recommend taking 3 to 6 tablets per day. If you want to skip the meal, the recommended dose is 6 tablets per day.