Spirulina Farm

Italian Spirulina 100% made in Tuscany

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Eco Farm

Our Spirulina is not just a food but it is a choice and an eco-sustainable lifestyle that, day after day, we carry out consciously.

Our product line is entirely vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, sugar free, organic and compostable.

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Spirulina Farm

Our Spirulina is rich in Phycocyanin . This natural pigment, by strengthening the cell membrane, contributes to the invigoration of the immune system, protecting cells from virus attacks. Learn more

  • Benefits of Spirulina

    A Superfood rich in nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals suitable for everyone and at any age. A 'super' food for vegetarians and vegans. Also suitable for detox diets.

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  • How to take it

    Whether it is enjoyed with yoghurt, cereals, fresh fruit; in smoothies, or savored as it is, Spirulina is the healty choice and the best breakfast to start the day with the right energy boost!

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  • About Us

    Spirulina Farm, in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, is the shared dream and concrete project of an entrepreneur and a farmer who believe in the sustainability of this product and in the quality of Made in Italy. Every day we work with passion to make a difference!

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A Farm open to all!

You are ready? Our Farm is ready to welcome you. You will discover the fabulous world of Spirulina by personally witnessing every step of the production.

Come and live a unique experience of its kind, we are waiting for you!

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  • Live Spirulina cubes

    Spirulina popsicles alive, collected and immediately frozen. A concentrate of nutrients and pure energy!

    Available for on-site pickup only.

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  • Spiru-cosmetics

    Spirulina algae, rich of vitamins, stimulates the production of collagen. Its antioxidant and regenerating action repairs cellular tissues, making it a valid ally of your beauty!

    By reservation only

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  • Spiru-soap

    "A whole beauty ... Spirulina and soap"!

    Our 100% natural soap for pure and deep cleansing.

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Our Happy Land!