Sustainable Wellness for your body

Spirulina, containing the entire range of essential amino acids, by nature has a high content of 60 vegetable proteins. Contains carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, G-linoleic acid GLA and Calcium Spirulan Ca-SP, polysaccharide sulphate solfato)[1].

TheCa-SP possesses powerful antiviral and antibacterial activities useful for the defense of the organism from pathogens..

TheGLAreduces blood cholesterol and is useful for the management and prevention of cardiovascular diseases[2].

Among the cellular components, there are glycogen granules contained in the cytoplasm which in the active state are a source of carbon andpower[3].

Thanks to the high content of fatty acids, Spirulina is a powerful one immuno-regulator,antioxidant,anticarcinogenic,antiviral natural and is aantitoxic which contrasts liperlipidemia and liperglycemiaia[4]. Fatty acidsOmega 3 isOmega 6, make it aanticoagulantnatural.

Linoleic acid it is, instead, useful asanti-inflammatory,antiviral isantimicrobial which prevents or stops chronic inflammation in the bud.

Spirulina likewise contains a wholegroup of vitamins (including group B -B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12 useful for the body:o:

  • Vitamin A which, by regulating sebaceous secretion and preventing the appearance of eczema, fights the problems related to acne..
  • Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid which by preventing cell proliferation has an excellent anti-anemic action and strengthens nails, hair and skin tissues.e.
  • Vitamin B12 useful for the body, especially in vegetarian and vegan diets where B12 is not contained in fruit, vegetables, cereals and legumes. It is also useful for replacing meat and fish, reducing their global needs..
  • Vitamin E which combined with Beta-carotene of which Spirulina is rich, protect cells from the aggressive action of free radicals, producing an antioxidant effect..



THEPigmentsnatural in Spirulina such asChlorophyll, thePhycocyanin and theAntophylls, in addition to giving the characteristic blue-green color, they support the body inl’elimination of heavy metals and in action vasodilating.

The other substance that makes Spirulina unique is Phenylalanine which, acting on the nervous system, inducessense of satiety. This is why this product is also used by athletes and, more generally, by those who follow an energetic and sporty lifestyle.

Spirulina is useful for those suffering fromDiabetes, because it regulates the necessary dose of insulin present in the blood.

It hinders the imperfections of theCellulite through its draining, detoxifying and vasodilating properties.

Thanks to its propertiesdetoxifiers ispurifying, Spirulina cleanses the digestive system, preventing not only bacterial infections but also ulcers and irritable bowel problems..

Spirulina is therefore a complete and sustainable product truly suitable for everyone: for those who, out of necessity or will, are on a diet, for those who need to find a natural source of energy to combat health problems related to diabetes, poor functioning of the cardiovascular system, for those who want to prevent or are recovering from a flu or other type of chronic illnesse[5].

Useful for the care and well-being of the body also in aesthetics: for those who want to strengthen the skin tissues, to strengthen the hair by preventing its loss and fall, to strengthen the nails, for the effect Anti-Age which prevents the appearance of wrinkles, marks and skin spots[6].

Spirulina, in its double value as a healthy and sustainable food and purifying aesthetic product,e), is the future.


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