We are Brando , an entrepreneur who fled the city and Federico , a farmer for generations. Our story is about a shared dream called Spirulina and started in 2017.

In that year, during a trip to France, we went to the discovery of this precious superfood, its millenary history and its countless properties, visiting algal plants of various types, from the largest industrial ones to the smaller and more familiar ones. , to then return to Italy with clearer ideas on the type of ethics and company that we would soon be creating.

So it was that in 2018, brick by brick, we built up our Orbetello Spirulina Farm , a small family-run precious jewel set in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, on the shores of the Orbetello lagoon. Today, after almost five years, our company has remained faithful to itself and to our principles, to offer you, through a niche production, a high quality spirulina, 100% Italian and natural.

Spirulina for us is not just a food, a superfood to be offered to people like any other product on the market but it is much more, it is a story to tell and a lifestyle to pursue, day after day.


The desire to dedicate ourselves with care and passion to Spirulina was born after having discovered and thoroughly studied the countless benefits and great properties of this alga. Numerous medical and scientific studies have shown that spirulina, as an alkaline product, is able to improve people's lives, preventing various diseases including degenerative ones of the nervous system.

Spirulina, already in use among the ancient pre-Colombian civilizations, has been declared by FAO the 'food of the future' and, due to the value and properties of its numerous nutrients, even in small quantities it would be able to alleviate the suffering of the populations of the Third World. The production of this algae is in perfect harmony with the environment because its cultivation, in addition to reducing damage from pollution, allows to use less water and land than traditional crops, while maintaining an equal nutritional and energy supply. Furthermore, we understand the great benefit of making a similar choice, if we consider that 1/100 of the water used in beef farms or 1/10 of that used in corn and soybean crops is used for algal aquaculture. A huge benefit for the environment and a great saving of water.

The desire to help people, suggesting different food choices to improve their daily life, combined with our healthy, balanced and environmentally sensitive lifestyle has allowed us to create the type of company we had in mind. A place in which to recognize ourselves, us first, and in which to find a sense of 'home' and familiarity, where genuineness and eco-sustainability are its essential features and the hallmark of our Farm.                                                                                         

Curiosity, the desire to improve the world by putting respect for Mother Earth first and attention to people's health, has led us to adopt ethical and green measures, opening the doors of Orbetello Spirulina Farm to you.